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Bugünlerde herkes neden İzmir’e kaçıyor?

Why is everyone rushing to Izmir nowadays?

Because they are all fed up with spending their lives in traffic while shuttling between their homes and work, wondering whether their children have managed to return home without having any troubles, setting off to the shopping malls at weekends, being forced to wait for the summer holidays just for a couple of minutes in the sea, dreaming of retiring to feel the nature! What about you?

Here is the place where you can break that cliché saying “I will settle down in a small town”!

There is a place where you can feel the folksy nature without waiving your habitual comfort in İzmir! Asma Bahçeler… Asma Bahçeler is in Narlıdere, the focal point of İzmir with its value doubling location each day.

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Let’s talk about our location.

Opposite the gorgeous forest with a vast valley on one side and the sea on the other side, Asma Bahçeler is 5 minutes to the airport, 15 minutes to Urla and 30 minutes to Çeşme. Just next to the popular malls, universities and schools.

You can’t describe living in a summer resort for 365 days!

Do you think it is possible to find words to express the pleasure of swimming by the valley, trekking with the singing birds, relaxing in the running tracks clutched by the nature, watching the sun set in an Aegean scenery? … What is more; doing all these just 4 minutes away from the city centre? We say, of course, no if f you ask us.

3 kat daha temiz hava

The air is 3 times cleaner than the city centre of İzmir!

The quality of the air around Asma Bahçeler is found to be better than the one in İzmir; approved by the Environmental Engineering department of Engineering Faculty and Ministry of Environmental and Urban according to the Regulations of Air Quality Assessment and Management.

An inexpressible architecture!

Its gardens are terraces and terraces are gardens…

Asma Bahçeler is designed with a sensibility to preserve the terrain where it is located. Taking the advantage of the terrain’s steep slopes terraces are formed and single houses with gardens are created on these terraces. Natural living areas are formed while designing our houses with a vast scenery of garden, sea, forest or valley at the same time.

Tarifsiz bir mimari

More and more comfort!

  • Underground parking slots for 120 cars and open parking spaces for 150 cars
  • Physical and electronic security for 24 hours
  • Smart house systems
  • Automatic window shades
  • Multi split air conditioners
  • Impervious “4 Seasons” window glasses against cold and hot air
  • Floor heating systems with natural gas
  • Panoramic horizontal elevators
  • Internal elevators within the multi-floor blocks
  • Fitness saloon
  • Tennis court
  • Basketball pitch
  • Chlorine free semi-Olympic swimming pool with salty water
  • Sauna
  • Natural walking and cycling tracks
  • Swimming pool and playgrounds for kids
  • Artesian, booster and power plant
  • Underground shelter
  • Activity and hobby saloons

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