Privacy Agreement


Which personal data do we keep?
We request addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses from our users. We do not request credit card details or identity card information at any circumstances on our website.

How and for what do we use your information?
This information is firstly used to contact our users and/or customers. It is used for billing, sending agreements and legal notifications and making legal warnings as well. The information we got is recorded, stored, protected, classified, updated and kept by our systems to be used for legal periods under the related legislation for any kinds of commercial affairs and services.

Is the information that you give our company shared?
Your information is totally protected in our system and certainly not shared with third parts. What can you ask for about processing your datum? You can apply our company to:
• Learn whether your data is processed or not,
• Get acknowledgment if any data is processed,
• Learn about processing aim and whether used on that purpose or not
• Request of addition or correction of data if processed missing and/or deficient
• Request for deleting/wiping under the circumstances mentioned in the 7th article of law,
• Object a consequence resulting from exclusively being processed by automated systems,
• Ask for compensation if you incur losses because of unconstitutional data processing

You can deliver your requests for information and application to the e-mail address below.

How does application procedure work?
Our company gets through your requests, according to the attribution of your request, in the shortest possible period, in maximum a-thirty-day time, without any charges. However, if your request requires an extra cost, you may be charged an additional fee. Our company may accept and put it into process or reject your request in written with its reason

What are your rights on data processing?
After following the steps of the procedure mentioned above; you have the right of making your complaint to the Board of Protection for Personal Data if your request is rejected, if the reply is insufficient or if your request is not replied within the legal period; you also have the right to make your complaint to the Board of Protection for Personal Data for any reasons within thirty days subsequent to the notification of the reply or within sixty days subsequent to your application. However one cannot start a complaint unless making any applications.
Board of Protection for Personal Data, upon a complaint or getting to know about a breach, starts a research inherently on the subjects of matter. Upon a complaint Board of Protection for Personal Data investigates the subject and makes a reply to the person concerned. If not replied within sixty days, it means the complaint is rejected. After an investigation upon a complaint or getting to know about a breach, Board of Protection for Personal Data would determine related data officer to compensate the concerned matter and notify the parties. This decision is to be implemented without delay and within thirty days following the notification.

What are the rules and methods of data protection?
Necessary measures have been taken at the most trustable level to keep our system and internet infrastructure secure for the safety of information input in our website. The input information, entered by our customers for product/service request, application and information update, cannot be viewed by other internet users. Unauthorized access to the information of our customers is restricted for everyone including the staff of Tanyer Construction Industry and Trade Incorporation. Related data can be reached only by the data officer.Tanyer Construction Industry and Trade Incorporation agrees and commits that they will not share the mentioned information with a third person, firm or company without the permission of their customers or unless they are under a legal obligation.

Under which circumstances can your data be unveiled?
Tanyer Construction Industry and Trade Incorporation will only be able to unveil this information under the authorization and legal regulations. Tanyer Construction Industry and Trade Incorporation will only unveil this information in return of a request asking for customer records by a bounded organization and/or an authority of legislative or executive in the framework of related regulations.

In which circumstances is our company not responsible for?
Tanyer Construction Industry and Trade Incorporation is not responsible for any kind of material or spiritual loss or damage caused by data processing, ethical principles, privacy principles, qualifications and service quality of websites of other third parties when forwarded via a banner, advertisement or content sharing. Tanyer Construction Industry and Trade Incorporation will guarantee that all the other companies that will work with them are to comply with the privacy standards and proviso while providing supportive services.

What are the rights of our company?
The copyrights regarding the information, materials and their arrangement on our website belong to Tanyer Construction Industry and Trade Incorporation. Our company has taken the necessary measures by keeping the system and internet infrastructure at the most trustable level in order to protect the confidentiality of the personal information of our customers. You can always apply to our company for further information.